Welcome to the website of The Natural Cooking School of Belgium. Whether you are looking for a solution to specific health problems or a way of living that is more in harmony with nature, a macrobiotic lifestyle covers both.
In macrobiotics, you get to learn the character of different foods and their influence on our wellbeing, both physically and mentally. That is the core objective of The Natural Cooking School’s activities, based upon the age-old, proven yin-yang philosophy from the East.

The Natural Cooking school offers:
• weekly cooking classes with recipes adapted to the season
• one-day study days on specific themes (detoxing, strengthening, sugar-free, meat-free, …. Cooking).
• intensive ‘way to health’ week programmes
• a comprehensive cooking training for food-lovers and health-conscious (home) chefs
• advanced studies in ‘health coaching’ and ‘medicinal cooking’.
• work-study opportunities
• personal health and life consultations.

We also offer shiatsu courses, okido yoga trainings, lectures and workshops on eastern philosophy and medicine, and so much more..
We warmly welcome international students. Translation into English can be provided for most of our activities. Also, we regularly have guest teachers, whose courses are in English already.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.