July 3-9 2016

(Viens, Provence)

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Week one: Yoga, do-in, shiatsu, cooking workshop, lectures and relaxing…
Week two: Also open for sportsmen and women, training (running, biking swimming, the triathlon range) and Yoga, do-in, shiatsu, cooking workshop, lectures and relaxing… Join with your family, while you learn how to improve you condition with yoga, shiatsu and wonderful energizing food! Possibility for shiatsu treatments and food consultations .The Bergerie L’ AUMADE

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Monday to Friday

  • Before 6.00: Tuesday and Thursday at the appearance of the sun: Sungazing and Meditation
  • 6.30 – 7.00: Chanting
  • 7.00 – 8.00: Do-in, stretching, 5 – Rhythms
  • 8.00: Breakfast
  • 9.00-10.00: Jokaho or other yogaclass
  • 10.00: Tea Break
  • 10.20 – 11.30: Asanas
  • 12.00: lunch + afternoon free: relaxing by the pond, swimming, walking, reading, or horse riding, or visit the chapel of Picasso’s granddaughter or the colorites of Eldorado, or the Gorges d’ Oppedette, …
  • 19.00: dinner
  • 20.30-21.00: Yoga, shiatsu lesson, or lecture an evening singing and chanting, and after 21:00: time for your storytelling, music and improvisation …..

* Optional cooking workshop: two optional afternoon cooking workshops are scheduled from 16.30 to 17.00 with Mieke Vervecken. Of course we mainly cook Mediterranean cuisine, but also healthy ice creams and other refreshing dishes, ….

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Surrounded by hills and purple lavender fields, within walking distance of the village of Viens, where peace and silence reign, away from the tourist crowds we house in the Bergerie: a true Bergerie: when you follow the path down the hill you will get to the sheep stable.. The Bergerie houses a pretty cool yoga room in stone and wood, (however the morning yoga will be outside…) and a simple kitchen and indoor dining area. Age-old chestnut trees provide shade … You can sleep in the nearby Bead and Breakfast or in the Bergerie L’ AUMADE, in roulottes, or in your own tent. An old pond with water will give us some refreshment on hot days

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Healthy, freshly prepared meals by chef Mieke Vervecken are a guarantee for a grand holiday. Mieke is a specialist is both macrobiotic and vegan cooking for over 40 years.

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Jan and MiekeVervecken and guest teacher Vittorio Calogero (It)www.vittoriocalogero.com

Arrival and departure

Arrival on Sunday,  Leaving is the next Saturday after lunch.
A summer buffet is served on Sunday from 6.00 p.m.

Why go to the Provence?

Well we love warm weather and this time the weather is warm, yet not too dry. Moreover it is easy to reach by car, by TGV (Brussels-Avignon in 5 hours) from there onwards it is another 70 km. The village of Apt is at 17 km.
Why this time? Because the lavender fields are in full bloom, giving away their beautiful fragnances, just before the harvest end of July. It is warm, but not too dry so it is perfect for walking ….. in short, a refreshing relaxing holiday with delicious and healthy meals.


Prices include accommodation, all classes, tea and water all day.

  • Double room in the B&B (walking distance): 650 euros pp
  • Single room (limited): 800 euro per week
  • 2 or 3 person roulotte in the Bergerie L’ AUMADE (gypsy wagon): 575 euro pp
  • 3-5 room in the Bergerie L’ AUMADE : or your own tent: 495 euros per person.

Discount for children (under 14 years) if sleeping in a tent or 3 – persons roulotte: 350 euro. Babies free if taken care of by yourself (also for their food).

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The number of places is limited! We have only 3 gypsy wagons and limited number of double rooms.

For advance registration and full payment before 1st of May we offer discounts
A: 2 – room in the Bergeriedu Luberon (walking distance): 565 euro instead. 645 euro per person.
Aa: 2 – room in the Bergerie du Luberon, mezzanine: 545 euro instead. 575 euro per person.
B: 2 or 3 person roulotte (gypsy gypsy wagon): 545 euro instead. 575 euro per person.
Bb: in the Bergerie L’ AUMADE : 3-5 room: or your own tent: 495 euro per person.
Discount for children (under 14 years) if sleeping in a tent or 3 – persons roulotte: 320 Euro.

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How to get there

By car, by train (TGV to Avignon) then go by bus to Viens.
By Car: Go to Avignon, we will wend more info upon inscription. We did the trip from Antwerp in two days and slept in a campsite or B & B overnight. We drove 5 hours on Saturday, then relaxed and jumped in a pool or lake and continued the next day. Thus the journey too was very, very relaxing. We are happy to give you free advice However book in time !

Info about La bergerie L’ AUMADE: see pictures above
Info about the region: www.provenceweb.fr/e/vaucluse/viens/viens.htm

Do not hesitate to contact us for more info

Info and reservations