The work-study programm is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to ‘live’ in, study and work. You will learn to cook (levels I and II), Shiatsu level I, hands on cooking daily and many more lessons. Weekly yoga or do-in classes, and many dvd’s from Michio Kushi and others to study from. A unique opportunity to study yin and yang,  while also working in the house or garden. You will also join us for outside weeks and hollidays (in the summer in Provence: France, in winter in Austria for ski)

The programm is for one week, one month, 3 monts or 12 months. The 12 months programm will give you over 3000 euro worth of courses, + your room and board. Costs for one year are 2500 – 3500 euro, including all courses, all studyweeks and hollidays, your room and all meals.

This programm is for those who are eager to study, enjoy living in a macrobiotic family and who want to improve their condition and strength.

We always start with a one week ‘try-out’: see the programm and costs below. The  cost will be deducted , if you decide to stay one year. Prices of 1 to 3 months: please contact us

Mail us for more info.

We have hosted this programm since 1984 and many students from all over the world have joined an enjoyed their stay with us!


* 7.30 – 8.30: morning exercises: do-in, stretching, qi-gong or okido, yoga (twice an week)

* 8.30: breakfast

* 9.30 – 12.30: work

* lunch at 12.30

* 15.00 – 18.00: either hands on cooking class, or study of yin and yang

* 18.00: dinner

* 20.00: evening activity: shiatsu lesson, take an infra-red sauna, sing around the fire, watching Michio Kushi’s lessons (on video)

               When?  ask us

One WEEK try out: Arriving on Saturday at 9.00, Departure on Friday after dinner

              Costs: 290 euro, including lessons, meals and drinks, sleeping in a common room. Single room: + 100 euro. Max 4 persons