An inspiring week full of lectures and practical workshops

With Bob Carr (US) and Mieke Vervecken-Pieters

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Develop your understanding of yin and yang. Learn how to translate these into practical and useful tools in your daily life. Create health, wealth and beauty for yourself and others. Open up to your inner higher consciousness for a clear and energetic life. Lectures, cooking demo’s and body-workshops and natural beauty treatments. Times are changing….

In an ever-changing world, many search for a meaningful answer to the many problems and challenges. The macrobiotic way of eating and living doesn’t give you instant answers. She proclaims no “truths” and often throws you into doubt and confusion … You will discover, your own truth. However there is a very practical side to this story: macrobiotics gives you a COMPASS, a way of learning how to judge, without rejections. You develop a wider view of the world and experience compassion for yourself and others. The compass, a real “secret”: the study of yin and yang and the universal laws of nature. The need for health, strength and clarity was never so great. Our physical condition is the basis. Therefore, the focus healthy food. We purify our emotional blockages with yoga, balanced food, drinks and meditation (We offer also an introduction into The Work of Byron Katie). Our habit to judge all and everything (especially ourselves) into good/bad will disappear and make way for clear thinking and acceptance. Whether you want to improve your health, or want to contribute to a better world: the study of the laws of nature will give you insights on many levels. Our health, nature, our relationships, our emotions and spiritual destination … everything is. Be inspired this week by experienced teachers in a warm atmosphere!

Sunday Yin and Yang; How does the Universe works ?  What is health, what is illness. Stages of illness and health      BOB The energetic origin of humans   JAN
Monday Digestive problems: how come and what to do  BOB WORKSHOP: How to activate your Ki energy (chanting, palm healing, stretching??)   BOB The relationship FOOD-BLOOD.Acid and alkaline   BOB
Tuesday Heart and circulatory problems  BOB WORKSHOP cooking: Cooking for the heart and circulatory system. And creating a full week menu MIEKE What is wealth. How to get it?  Anti-aging: how a healthy heart grows old happilyBOB
Wednes day Depressions and tiredness: the nervous system attacked  BOB WORKSHOP cooking: Cooking for strength and clarity. Bring ‘richness’ in yr cooking that does not kill youMIEKE WORKSHOP and theory:On Strenghtening the nervous system. The advantages of quality ‘stress’  BOB
Thursday Beauty: the seven levels and how to attain them  BOB WORKSHOP cooking: Improve male strength and female intuition and warmth   BOB Natural fascial  and body treatmentLearn to make your own healthy fascial cream  MIEKE
Friday Sex: how does it work with men and how with women?  Sex and spiritual development  JAN BOB: Tibetan meditations; How meditation on death can bring us a joyful lifeFarewell snack at 17.30….
9.00-12.00 15.00 – 18.00 20.00- 22.00

Teachers:  Bob Carr (°1945)

Bob has been teaching and spreading macrobiotics for over 40 years.  He has been a frequent  Kushi Institute guest lecturer in Becket ( USA), Amsterdam and Kobuchisawa (Japan) and was a  director of the Kushi Institute of Germany from 1990-94. He founded the Cleveland Tofu Company (1980) and East West Center of Cleveland (USA). Although usually a guest lecturer at the French Meadows Macrobiotic Summer Camp, for two years he was the head camp chef. He organized summer camps in Austria (1990-1993) for the German speaking macrobiotic community.  He studied with Michio and Aveline Kushi, Herman Cornelia Aihara, Masanobu Fukuoka, Madam Riviera, Jacque DeLangre, Noburo Muramoto and many guru/meditation sensei’s around the world. His lecture tours span the globe, where he likes to  pick up new information and perspectives. Before macrobiotics, Bob played professional tennis and composed music for television; however, macrobiotics is the shoe that fits him best. Currently, he is teaching in the Czech Republic with aspirations to establish a macrobiotic agriculture and education center in the remote country side. Help Bob and his wife Wendy develop organic, biodynamic, permaculture, Fukuoka and Anastasia gardens as first steps in making a peaceful world.

We welcome an old friend and great teacher. His age may make you wondering, but rarely do we see such a youthful spirit full of energy. Bob will be teaching most of the classes.

Mieke Vervecken –Pieters: will take care of the cooking classes  workshopMieke is a mother of six with 40 years of experience in macrobiotic cooking. For ten years she ran a yoga centre in Antwerp where she also cared for people with various illnesses. Mieke studied the art of macrobiotic cooking in London, Antwerp and Boston and went on to refine her insight through intense training in Japan. From 1998 to 2010 she was head of the kitchen at the internationally renowned dance company ROSAS in Brussels, where macrobiotic lunch is served every day. She gives advice to individuals, companies and schools in Europe and the Middle East. In 1990 Mieke started “The School of Natural Cookery” (De Natuurlijke Kookschool) which strives to teach people how to prepare balanced, healthy meals. Ms. Vervecken is quite apt at connecting the dots between our eating habits and many diseases in the developed world without overcomplicating things. She is well respected for the enthusiasm in conveying the insights provided by years of experience.Jan Vervecken   Jan Vervecken (°1949) began to study shiatsu, macrobiotics and food  in Antwerp (België). Then he went to study in Boston with Michio Kushi. In 1983 he left for Japan to study with Masahito Oki for more than one year. He integrated all these different disciplines and together with his wife Mieke Pieters he ran the Okido Yoga dojo in Antwerp (1982- 1990) He is director of  The International School of Shiatsu (ISS) and is often invited as a guestteacher in Switserland, Japan and Holland. He is known for his integrity, and touches one’s true soul in his lectures and treatments. At age 65, he decided to start again with sports: he has been training to participate in the half triathlon. So far he has finished in two half triathlons….Arrival: Sunday  July 19th 2015 at 13.00 (1.00 p.m.)

Departure: Friday July 24st at 18.00 (6.00 p.m.)


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  • 450 Euro: all lessons from 9.00 onwards, lunch, dinner, no room (there is a camping place nearby). 430 Euro, early bird, deadline June1st
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